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Adaptational Villainy /. Anime & Manga. King Dedede in the games vs. King Dedede in the anime. The Ace Attorney anime, while keeping the same story as the games, turns Morgan Fey into even more of a villain than she was in the games. In the "Reunion, then Turnabout" case in the game, Morgan is partnered with Ini Miney, cooperating with her to.

Mastermind Chihiro Fujisaki. Mastermind Ishimaru Kiyotaka. Mastermind Kaede Akamatsu. Mastermind Kazuichi Soda. Mastermind Kyoko Kirigiri. Mastermind Leon Kuwata. Mastermind Makoto Naegi. Mastermind Shuichi Saihara.

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Makoto naegi. 38 likes. pagina de makoto naegi. The sequel to my most popular video. From the Ultimate Jerk to the Ultimate Plot Armor Boy.!/tid=CUSA00572_00.

Makoto Naegi. Super Danganronpa. Trigger Happy Havoc.

X; Y; Z; Other; A Aigis/IntroEagle; B Blanc/IntroEagle; C Chargin' Chuck/IntroEagle; D Dante/IntroEagle ; Decidueye/IntroEagle; F Freddy Fazbear/IntroEagle; G Gardevoir/IntroEagle; K Kumatora/IntroEagle; L Lyn/IntroEagle; M Makoto Naegi/IntroEagle; Makoto Yuki/IntroEagle; Monokuma/IntroEagle; N Nyx/IntroEagle; O Octoling/IntroEagle; P Punishment.

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